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Master’s course in Sports Psychology


Improve your work as a psychologist or coach or athlete with sports psychology!

€ 390.00

Sports psychology, sports coaching, mental coaching, master’s degree in sports psychology, Italian Federation of Sports Psychologists. Specific training course in sports psychology for psychologists and graduates or undergraduates in psychology, a clearly expanding sector not only at a national level but also at a European level!



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Type: Training Course

Start: Always available

Duration: 3 months, 30 hours

Cost: €390.00

All Psymedisport Group courses are always active H24 on the online platform.

The e-learning Masters can be updated and modified in real time, offering the concrete possibility of remaining always connected to the science and current knowledge of the discipline studied . Distance training is innovative and the Master will allow you to operate with a scientific and effective intervention protocol.
Our master in sports psychology is dedicated to psychologists and psychology’s students who want to practice their profession in the sports field, by deepening various theoretical topics supported by practical exercises to be proposed to athletes and coaches and by the illustration of operational tools such as tests, tables and relaxation and audioregisty display techniques.

The Master is accessible to students and graduates in Psychology, new directions (Developmental, Social, Personality, etc.) and to undergraduates and three-year graduates in Psychological Sciences and Techniques. We do not accept graduates in other subjects who can however attend the Master’s in Sports Performance Optimization Techniques.

Material availability date: every 15 days. The next start is scheduled for October 2023.

Teachers: Dr. Marina Gerin

Dr. Gerin is the Vice President of FIPsiS – Federation of Sports Psychologists. FIPsiS works to create a connection with political institutions, with CONI and the Italian Paralympic Committee, with the aim of increasing the visibility of the psychologist and guaranteeing their professionalism to be able to operate from the youth sector to elite sport.

Method: The distance learning Master takes place over 6 bi-monthly lessons which can be downloaded from the Moodle E-Learning platform: each lesson has an in-depth theoretical session and a practical session with tests or grids: all those attending are invited to try it on themselves techniques and reflect on their exercises. The student, after receiving the access credentials (username and password), will download two lessons and other multimedia content from our Moodle E-Learning platform, completely renewed every month, and will respond to two exercises. Lesson contents: handouts, 10 audio files, 6 videos, Power Point presentations and exercises.

Cost of the Master: 390.00 Euros

Recognition and validity: the Master recognizes 20 SPOPSAM CFP professional training credits and has national and European validity to operate in this area.

1 Fundamental module for acquiring sector-specific skills, with handouts, audio, video, tests and other material.

Duration: 30 hours in three months. Cost: 390.00 euros with recognized certificate!

Final exam: There will be a final exam with 20 multiple choice questions to be carried out within the Moodle platform.

All participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of attendance.


I lesson

Presentation of a Mental Training intervention



Goal Setting: the formation of objectives

Evaluation in sports psychology

The comunication


Distraction Factors

The role of the coach and his leadership ability

Motivation and Self-Esteem

Team sports and individual sports

1 video on Introduction to sports psychology

2 Audio files for relaxation and general and objective visualization

1 Power Point presentation on horse riding.

II lesson

Psychophysical energy management

The youth sector

Attentional skills


Anxiety Management

Stress Management

The Five Step Strategy

Emotional Profiling and facilitating and inhibiting emotions

The pre-race

Final results and individual profiles of the athletes

1 video on relaxation techniques,

2 Audio files for relaxation and visualization on negative thoughts and distracting factors

1 Power Point presentation on Parent Training

III lesson


Presentation of some tools for psychosport diagnosis:

The coach’s behavior to investigate the coach-athlete relationship

The QuAM 2 to investigate the athlete’s main mental skills

Notes on the use of CBA Sport

Notes on the use of CBA 2.0 (Cognitive Behavioral Assessment)

Notes on the use of EDI – 2 Eating Disorder Inventory

Notes on the use of the Illness Behavior Questionnaire (IBQ)

Notes on the use of POMS – Mood State profile

1 video of the PdS Sports Psychologists Congress on the promotion of the activity,

2 Audio files of relaxation and visualization on motivation and arousal

1 Power Point presentation on the Congressional report.

IV lesson


knowledge, motivation for treatment, textual diagnosis.

compiling a daily diary of food consumption associated with moods and thoughts

cognitive training on the person’s problems guided progressive relaxation with musical background

guided imaginative visualization

stimulus checklists and other strategies for maintaining the diet and relieve tension


Motivation for treatment, notes on the use of anxiety tests.

Definition of objectives

Education of family members

Awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions related to pain behaviour.

Compilation of the daily Pain Diary.

Pain measurement: notes on the Mc Gill Pain Questionnaire Melzack.

Cognitive training on the person’s problems: behavior related to pain, pain and learning, personality and pain,

behavior of the “sick person”.

Guided relaxing relaxation with background music

Guided imaginative visualization

Strategies to release tension and stress

1 video on sport psychology in basketball (first part)

2 relaxation and visualization audio files on attention, anxiety and stress management

1 contribution on compulsive sport

V lesson


Training courses for individual and group sports coaches on issues concerning the psychology of developmental age.

Meetings with the athletes’ parents.

Doping: conferences, questionnaires, structured interventions prevention aimed at schools and Federations.

1 video on sport psychology in basketball (second part)

1 Relaxation and visualization audio file on managing emotions

1 contribution on prohibited substances and doping statistics

VI Lesson


Image promotion:

how to propose your collaboration

identification of targets

steps to follow

publication of articles

presence on the network

The Italian Federation of Sports Psychologists and the network of professionals in Italy.

1 promotional video on the dissemination of sport psychology

1 Relaxation and visualization audio file on race management

Contributions on the MMPI – R and on European funds for psychology projects