Master integrato in Psicologia dello sport
Magistrski študij športne psihologije, osnovni tečaj
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Master in Sport Psychology Foundation Course


Improve your work as a psychologist or coach or athlete with sports psychology!


Master in Sport Psychology Foundation Course

 SIpSIS – Italian Society of Sport Psychology


P.d.S. – Italian Association of Sport Psychologists


S.P.O.P.S.A.M.- Professional Society of Consultant in Sport Psychology and Physical Activities

Do you find it difficult to attend a Master in Sport Psychology because you have many commitments or because the location of the Master is too far from where you live?
Would you like to work in this innovative sector and are you looking for an appropriate training that will allow you to work in the field through a protocol of action presented by a new method of teaching?
We have the solution for you: our Master is recommended for future Sport Psychologists and Coaches/Trainers who want to practice in the field of sport, studying various topics with theoretical lessons supported by practical exercises and the illustration of operational tools.


The Master is recommended to Psychologists, to students in Psychology of any orientation or address that intend to practice in this sector, to Coaches and Trainers to understand more deeply mental dynamics of their teams and to athletes of every discipline and level (amateur, youth age and professional) that want to increase their performances.

The Course in E-Learning modality is articulated in ten lessons:
every lesson includes:
– a theoretical session
– a practical session with relaxation and specific visualizations
– a session of exercise with self – checked forms

The program foresees a final interaction by e-mail between the participant and the teacher through a brief examination aper of minimum 3 and maximum 20 pages; it is read with any browsers and it includes, among the other opportunities, the presentation of 10 cases of sport psychology also, coming from the direct experience made on the field, and concerning 10 different sports (biathlon, tennis, swimming, soccer, equestrian sports, sub immersion, volleyball, golf, skating and bicycling).
You can download the Course in 24h only, after having made the payment with credit card, following our instructions. There are available many videos on Youtube in Italian language that can be listened to with English subtitles.

Price of the Master: 390,00 Euro.

At the end of the Master, after we have checked and approved the brief examination paper, we will send to the participant a signed Certificate of Attendance validated to operate like a Sport Psychologist or like a Sport Psychology Consultant.
The Sport Psychology Foundation Course is promoted by Psymedisport Group International, leader of E – Learning Sport Psychology in Italy and abroad.

Certificate: Participants who satisfy the course requirements (delivery of exercises and final thesis ) will receive a certificate issued by Psymedisport Group International, operating since 1998 in the field of sport psychology.
The certificate issued allows the recipient to get qualified as a Consultant in Sport Psychology, carrying out mental training for athletes, coaching clinics, classes for parents and also as a sport diagnostic, testology and psychopathology. The course is sponsored and recognized by various sports associations whose logos will be indicated in the certificate, with the assignment of 20 CFP Professional Credits issued by SPOPSAM – Professional Society of Consultant in Sport Psychology and Physical Activities.




Why should I choose the Master in Sport Psychology Foundation Course? Choosing this Course, you will have the opportunity to learn when you want, where you want, with the only condition of preparing an examination paper after 10 weeks from your registration. This Master offers you a practical tool to improve your performances if you are an athlete, to complete your training if you are a trainer and to prepare a project for a team as a Sport Psychologist.

Who are the teachers? Dr. Marina Gerin is a well-known Italian Sport Psychologist, Counselor, teacher of distance learning (FAD) of Online Courses; she has a great success in Italy and is teacher of seminars and congresses also. Dr. Gerin is the President of Italian Association of Sport Psychologists – PdS.

How do I interact with the teacher? you can interact by e-mail with the teacher and ask (her) any information or explanations and in this way you will never feel alone but you will be at the center of the Psymedisport Group International!

How can I study to get ready ?: read a lesson a week and after ten weeks you will be able to prepare an examination about a subject of the Course, if we will consider it valid and interesting it will published on www.psymedisport.net , the Sport and Exercise Psychology site.


I lesson
A Mental Training example
The Relaxation
The Visualization

II lesson
Goal Setting
The evaluation in sport psychology

III lesson
The Communication
The Self-talk

IV lesson
The distraction factors
The trainer’s role and his Leadership

V lesson
Motivation to sport and Self-esteem
Team Sport and individual sport

VI lesson
The psycho- physical of energy management
The youth age field

VII lesson
Skill to pay attention
The Concentration

VIII lesson
The anxiety management
The stress management

IX lesson
The Five Step Strategy
The Emotional Profiling

X lesson
The moment of the pre-competition
Conclusive results and the athlete’s individual profile
Presentation of the report and discussion